Grand Bahama Immigration Information

When you make a foreign investment in Grand Bahama, certain immigration provisions will apply to ensure maximum benefit to the Bahamas.

  • Residential property of up to 5 acres can be purchased without the prior approval of the government, however it must be registered in accordance with the International Persons Landholding Act.
  • Anybody who makes an investment in the Bahamas by purchasing property are eligible for an annual home owners residence card.

The Bahamas Government encourages foreign businesses and investors to contribute to the economy by providing incentives:

  • The Bahamas “Economic Investment Program” grants foreign nationals permanent residence providing that a minimum investment of $500,000 is made to purchase a residence (home or condo) in the Bahamas. The permanent residence allows the investor to live and work in the Bahamas but does not grant voting rights.
  • Family and dependants can be included as long as the investor has sufficient means to support them without the need for employment in the Bahamas.

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